RPM Isn’t Your Typical Recording Studio and Publishing Company

RPM Studios was founded in 2017 by Buzz Raley and Jeff Matej, who have both been in the music industry in the Bay Area since the 80s. With their decades of music knowledge and experience, and shared passion for recording, Raley and Matej realized that they would make a fantastic team and became business partners.

We only work with select clientele and do not rent or lease the studio out to other industry professionals. What we create is a unique, creative and personal atmosphere and experience for artists. It is modern yet comfortable with great ambiance, two ISO booths, two live rooms, over 1600 square feet of love. We offer options for recording to analog tape which creates a real, old school sound. This year we will be adding full video recording capabilities to make our studio complete. The studio is private and secure so there are with no distractions from anyone on the outside. It’s a very personal experience with artists and a cool and relaxing vibe inside the studio.

Our goal is to discover up and coming artists, connecting our songs to artists on the verge of breaking or an artist that just got a deal and may need help with writing or production as well as people wanting to get back into the business. We write music and lyrics and match them with the artists as well as producing and recording. We share the drive and motivation to succeed and help our clients succeed as well.