Buzz Raley Whistles An API Tune

Less than one mile from the legendary Folsom Prison, in Rancho Cordova, CA is the home of the latest API 1608-II Console. RPM Music Group owner, producer/engineer Buzz Raley and Jeff Matej have created a unique environment for musicians and songwriters.

Raley is no stranger to the API sound. In early 2019, he installed a 1608-II console in the new space that he designed himself. By the end of that same year, a 16 channel expander had been added to give the facility a full 40 inputs of API analog warmth. Offering a modern comfortable atmosphere with a large control room, two live rooms and two isolation booths, the facility comprises over 1600 square feet of studio space.

RPM isn’t your typical recording studio. The facility is not for rent to outside clients. The aim has been to create a unique, creative and personal atmosphere with the ability to satisfy any technical demands. The goal of RPM is to discover up and coming artists, offer songwriting and production assistance and ultimately share the artists drive and motivation to succeed.

“The API’s sonic stamp on the music we make here at RPM is a big part of the sound on all of our recordings. Just knowing the punch and clarity we get with the API pres and the master section of our 1608-II is a big part of our overall inspiration”, says Matej. “Everyone knows what a professional studio with top of the line equipment should sound like and that’s why we chose API. The console sounds amazing, and it gives us a stereo image that you just can’t get from mixing digital!

Link To API Press Release
April 9th, 2020

API 1608-II Console Commissioned for RPM Music Group

March 2019; Jessup, MD:
API announces the commissioning of a 16-channel 1608-II Console at RPM Music Studio in Rancho Cordova, CA.

RPM Music Group was founded in 2017 by Buzz Raley and Jeff Matej, who have both been in the music industry in the Bay Area since the 80s. With their decades of music knowledge and experience, and shared passion for recording, Raley and Matej realized that they would make a fantastic team and became business partners.

Hundreds of hours were spent on not only building the studio but also researching the best possible equipment. Raley and Matej chose the API 1608-II as their studio’s centerpiece, with the sale facilitated by API dealer Vintage King.

“API has a rich history with having recorded some of the greatest Rock & Roll and Country albums and it’s American made,” says Raley. “API consoles are a game changer compared to the competition.”

“We love the stereo aux addition. The EQ’s and preamps give you that API sound on every channel,” adds Matej. “It is a DREAM. We wanted that API punch and the 1608-II makes our left speaker hit like Sugar Ray and our right uppercut like Tyson.”

Raley and Matej already plan on adding an expander to their 1608-II console.

Link To API Press Release
March 2019